We have now recruited over 80 ALOIS coding volunteers, around half of whom are carers.

This is what our volunteers say about their experience


…a great way to become and stay more informed about the current research that is being done in the area of dementia and cognitive enhancement
…gives an insight into the different ways that research is conducted and the different styles of writing research articles.
I feel that I am making a contribution to a very important cause and a very worthwhile project.
I like the atmosphere of the project. Anna is wonderful to work with and is so positive and supportive…the project is very well organized

New volunteers are joining the community all the time, and we have built up a small dedicated team of increasingly expert coders. Some are taking on other valuable information management tasks such as looking for ongoing and completed studies on trials registers, and then coding in ALOIS if completed trials have not yet published their results.

To date over 200 of the study records published on ALOIS have been coded by volunteers.